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South China Morning Post

Do better sleep habits mean better grades at school?
South China Morning Post
Does getting enough sleep make you smarter? Not exactly. But over the years, research has consistently linked getting a good night's sleep to greater success at school. That is because a well-rested brain is far more capable of retaining information ...


Why Fitbit's biggest advantage over Apple Watch Series 4 is sleep tracking, not fitness
Like Apple Watch, you won't find a Sleep app on the Versa or Ionic. They don't need it. Fitbit has built native sleep tracking into every one of its devices that works as seamlessly and automatically as step tracking—you don't need to set up or ...

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Sleep Cycle adds 'snore detection' to its sleep-tracking Android app
Sleep Cycle is a great little app that helps you learn about your quality of sleep and helps wake you up at a time where you're more likely to wake up feeling refreshed than groggy. There are a lot of smart home sleep trackers that do something similar ...


Teens Sleeping Too Much, Or Not Enough? Parents Can Help
Within three days of starting high school this year, my ninth-grader could not get into bed before 11 p.m. or wake up by 6 a.m. He complained he couldn't fall asleep but felt foggy during the school day and had to reread lessons a few times at night to ...
Teens sleeping too much, or not enough? How parents can helpMinnesota Public Radio News
Sleep in Adolescents - Nationwide Children's HospitalNationwide Children's Hospital
Sleep in Adolescents: The Perfect Storm - NCBI - NIHNCBI - NIH
National Poll on Children's Health -CHEAR -Researchers @ Brown - Brown University
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App Gets Life and Sleep Schedules in Sync
When faced with debilitating insomnia and stressful 80-hour work weeks in the city that never sleeps, Sleep and Me founder Ben Coleman tried every combination of research, gadgets, and lengthy pre-bedtime checklists, but couldn't find anything that ...

Medical Xpress

Top athletes should sleep better—and they can
Medical Xpress
Top athletes are generally good sleepers. However, there is certainly still something to be gained in the field of so-called 'sleep hygiene,' and light therapy is a promising strategy for optimal sleep, concludes sleep expert Melanie Knufinke. She ...

Fox News

Boy, 13, found naked, chained in Alabama home was forced to sleep in dog crate, officials say
Fox News
An investigation showed the 13-year-old boy had been bound by chains and padlocks for at least 18 hours before police went to the house, the Montgomery Advertiser reported. The child had been chained before, and was even forced to sleep in a dog crate ...
13-year-old found naked, chained to door was forced to sleep in dog crate:
Police: Naked, chained AL child abuse victim was forced to sleep in dog kennelWSFA
Child found chained, naked in central Alabama home; 3 arrestedWSFA
Montgomery Advertiser
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The Globe and Mail

Why won't he sleep? A parent's lament
The Globe and Mail
Fast forward and, contrary to my adolescent foreboding, I am getting less sleep than ever before. When I was pregnant, people warned me I would never sleep again, but I brushed these harbingers aside. As it turns out, sleep deprivation is something no ...

How to beat back night-time anxiety and get to sleep
We've all been there: lying in bed after a long day, tired yet wide-awake. Our mind is racing. Perhaps we're worrying about money, work or have been watching too much news. Whatever the case may be, trying to fall asleep when your mind won't quit is ...


Sleep irregularity raises risk of developing chronic diseases, study suggests
In fact, the study found that sleep irregularity — not having the same bedtime and wake time every day — was more predictive of an increased risk of heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other ...
How 8 hours' sleep is POINTLESS unless you have a regular bedtimeThe Sun
Sleep Scientists Show Why Adults Should Have a BedtimeInverse
Eight Hours Of Sleep Is Irrelevant If Bedtimes Are Irregular, Study FindsThe Inquisitr
Nature -National Sleep Foundation
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